2016’s Most Popular Recipes

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Hey Everyone,

Just popping in today to share with you the most viewed recipes from 2016. This was my first year of blogging and I have absolutely loved it. I’d been thinking about starting one for a long time but I didn’t realise how important it would become to me. I was sick of feeling like all my free time was spent in front of the TV rather than towards anything constructive, when you don’t have much free time around working full time you kind of feel like you need to make that time count you know?

I’m really excited for next year and we have some exciting stuff planned so stay tuned!

For now, here’s my best of 2016!

10. Lemon Garlic Sour Cream Pasta

This lemon garlic sour cream pasta is a great combination of sweet garlic and tart lemon and sour cream. It's also so quick to put together!

9. Sriracha Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza

This sriracha chicken bacon ranch pizza is the perfect combination of spicy and salty with a hint of creamy ranch to finish things off!

8. Jerk Roasted Chicken with Coconut Curry

The chicken is coated in jerk spice paste before roasting over chopped vegetables. Serve with a rich and tasty curry sauce made with the cooking juices!

7. Cheesy Veggie Pesto Polenta Bake

This cheesy veggie pesto polenta bake will keep you warm in winter! Bursting with veg & guaranteed to fill you up, this is the perfect vegetarian dinner.

6. Pasta & Chickpea Soup with Cheesy Toasts

This pasta & chickpea soup is a filling dinner especially topped with these incredible cheesy toasts. Add a sprinkling of parmesan for a burst of flavour!

5. Butternut Squash Chilli Vegetarian Nachos

This healthy butternut squash chilli makes the perfect topping for these vegetarian nachos. Add all your favourite toppings for a delicious twist on a classic!

4. Easy One Pot Chorizo & Chickpea Stew

This chorizo and chickpea stew is deliciously herby and spicy. Try and cook it as long as you can, the chorizo will melt in your mouth and taste amazing!

3. Easy Pork Potstickers

These pork potstickers with a chilli dipping sauce are filling, tasty, & easier than you think! Use premade dumpling wrappers to be ready in under an hour.

2. Perfect Roast Chicken with Rosemary, Lemon & Garlic

This deliciously succulent roast chicken is flavoured with rosemary, lemon and garlic. Rub the skin with butter and salt to get it extra crispy!

1. Tomato & Halloumi Bake

This halloumi bake perfectly combines the healthy freshness of vegetables with the chewy, salty halloumi for a delicious vegetarian dinner.

Happy New Year Everyone! I hope 2017 brings wonderful things to you all.

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