About The Cook Report

I’m Amy and this is where I share delicious dinner recipes for busy people!

When I moved out of home and in with my boyfriend I soon realised that my days were more and more centred around what I was going to eat for dinner. I looked forward to cooking and eating dinner all day.

Not just because I love food but because I always enjoyed coming up with recipes and creating them each evening. It brought my boyfriend and me closer together and we had so much fun in the kitchen.

The aim of this blog is to share that fun and to help you feel it too every time you head into the kitchen to make your evening meal. I don’t expect everyone to be quite so obsessed with what they’re eating for dinner as me but I really do think that cooking and eating should be something you look forward to everyday. It’s something we have to do anyway so you may as well find the joy in it!

I live in London with my boyfriend, Will, and our cat baby, Bernie.

So what can you expect to find on The Cook Report?

First off, it’s savoury all the way, I am not a sweet person in the slightest. I used to bake a lot but these days I’d much rather make something super carby and cheesy than any kind of sweet.

Like most people I live a pretty busy life so the majority of recipes will be quick, simple and perfect for hectic weeknights. Oh and there’s only two of us in The Cook Report household (plus Bernie the cat) but all my recipes will serve at least four because I take the leftovers for my work lunches so most recipes are perfect for meal prep too.

Don’t get me wrong, there will definitely be the odd super indulgent, weekend slow down recipe as well so you can fill your whole week up with tasty treats.

We eat pretty healthily most of the time but I do love cheese and carbs so they both make pretty regular appearances. There will never be any recipes on here which intentionally fit into any diet fad or trend.

Having spent my entire teenage years and early twenties being far too controlling about food I’m now all about eating what feels right and tastes good. We’ve all got far too much to worry about without letting food become another stress in our lives. I just want to eat what makes me feel good.

Everything on The Cook Report is created/photographed/written by me unless otherwise stated. Please don’t use my content without asking, I work really hard on it!

Thanks so much for visiting, I love you for being here and I hope you love my recipes x

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