My Favourite Cookbooks: The most used from my collection

Although I love creating my own recipes I get so much inspiration from my favourite cookbooks. The photography helps me get ideas for how to style the photos on my site and there’s always so much to learn from the different flavour combinations and cooking styles that people who are far more knowledgable than me come up with.

This list is just a few of my favourite cookbooks out of my collection of over 100!

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Fress: Bold, Fresh Flavours from a Jewish Kitchen by Emma Spitzer

This is such a stunning cookbook filled with recipes which include all my favourite ingredients. Simple recipes which just let the ingredients shine!






Cravings by Chrissy Tiegen

Full of recipes which just scream fun, this is a cookbook which does exactly what it says on the tin ‘Recipes for all the food you want to eat’







K Food: Korean Home Cooking and Street Food by Da Hae and Gareth West

I absolutely adore Korean food (see here, here and here!) and this cookbook was one I got in my early love of Korean food and it’s just such a perfect expression of the joy and exciting flavours in Korean cooking.






Polpo: A Venetian Cookbook (Of Sorts) by Russell Norman

This cookbook is one of my favourites not just because of the wonderful recipes but also because it’s just so beautiful which make it one of my favourites to flip through as well as to have on my shelf. The recipes are also fab and the duck ragu from Polpo is one of mine and Will’s most made recipes.






Persiana: Recipes from the Middle East and Beyond by Sabrina Ghayour

The cookbook has been one of my favourites for a long time. It’s covered in various food splatters because it’s so well used and it’s one we always reach for when cooking for guests. Stunning photography and exciting, unusual recipes.





Nopi by Yotam Ottolenghi

Ah, can you really beat an Ottolenghi cookbook? His recipes are just so stunning. The photography always makes the food look so inviting and the recipes are full of sweet and savoury surprises which make them so exciting to make. I have several of his cookbooks but Nopi has to be my favourite.