February Cookbooks

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I have an addiction. A cookbook addiction. I have to stop myself from buying them as often as I’d like because Will claims we don’t have enough space (this is totally fair but I’m sure I can fit in one or two more tiny cookbooks). This month I thought I was quite restrained but is four in one month really restrained? Maybe not.

Good Food For Your Table: A Grocer’s Guide

By Ian James, Nicholas Selby and Louisa Chapman-Andrews

Good Food For Your Table

This is one of those books you could sit and look at for hours. No pictures, just page after page of tips, tricks and advice about how to choose, buy, store and prepare your ingredients. There are all kinds of things in this book from how to make proper toast to which fruit and veg to cook in which season. For anyone who loves food there’s nothing more fun than reading about new flavour combinations you might not have thought of or how to make all your storecupboard favourite from scratch. I’m really looking forward to delving further into this book, I feel like it will be endlessly helpful to my cooking.

Real Cooking

By Nigel Slater

I’m gradually collecting all of Nigel Slater’s books. Reading his cookbooks is like reading really seductive food poetry. I find them incredibly soothing. Real Cooking is great for simple recipes which are created with the intention that the reader will go ahead and create their own versions from the base being given. It’s really fun to have a core idea which you can then customise with pretty much anything you have around the house and it’s great for sparking creativity!

Spice At Home

By Vivek Singh

I’m so in love with Indian food. I fantasise about curry an unhealthy amount. Despite how much I’d love to, I can never quite recreate the amazing flavours of a restaurant curry at home and I’m always on the lookout for books that devote themselves entirely to helping me do that. Spice At Home does not disappoint, the recipes are simple and exciting and the photography is so gorgeous.

The Contented Cook: Fuss-free Food Throughout the Year

By Xanthe Clay

Another book with beautiful photography, this one has great seasonal recipes and is all about using simple and fresh ingredients to make delicious meals. I only bought this one towards the end of the month so I haven’t had much time to go through it but I’ve happily sat staring at the photos whenever I’ve had a spare minute or two!


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