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I read and follow a huge number of food blogs from all over the world. There are an incredible number of super talented people out there creating fab recipes. As much as I love my cookbooks, generally about half the new recipes I try out are from other people’s blogs.

I felt like sharing a bit of love today so I’ve linked to some of the tastiest looking recipes I’ve found recently below.

Got something you want to share, feel free to comment with a link – I’m always on the lookout for new recipes!

First up is this incredible broccoli recipe from a Beautiful Plate featuring pecorino cheese and almonds.

Flourishing Foodie shared this smoky bbq veggie burgers recipe which looks so tasty!

I can’t wait to try this creamy peppadew pasta.

This mexican chicken soup just looks insanely good and the photography is so beautiful!

So we all agree baked eggs are amazing? This recipe for baked eggs which includes tomatoes and goat’s cheese sounds just perfect.

These onion and feta fritters look like the most perfect pieces of crispy heaven.

Finally, this salad looks incredible which is not a sentence I’ve ever said before. Legit though, panzanella with marinated chickpeas and chimichurri. Tease me.

Enjoy! x

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