Vegetable Polenta Bake With Pesto and Feta

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It has been one super busy Monday. I came home tonight feeling exhausted but I still really wanted to cook something delicious. Although this recipe has quite a few steps it’s actually really easy and tastes great. We both had second helpings which you can almost feel good about because there’s so much veg in here.

Polenta Bake

The main reason this recipe came about is because we had some feta that really needed using up and I wanted to have something with loads of vegetables. Last week I ended up eating pretty unhealthily. In fact I had pizza on Friday, Saturday AND Sunday (this was only out of my control once, the first two occasions I was totally cool with having pizza twice in two days). Anyway, I’m not big into feeling guilty about what I eat because I love food too much but I can feel when I need a few extra vegetables in me!

Polenta Bake

So I knew I needed something easy and with vegetables and I’ve been keen to try some kind of polenta bake for a while now. I made one once when I was at uni but it was a bit of a disaster. Anyway, I figured now my new found polenta expertise would serve me well.

Let me know if you agree!

Enjoy x


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