Creamy Harissa-Spiced Polenta with Eggs & Feta

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The saga of my polenta addiction continues. I had my wisdom tooth out this morning so I needed something soft and easy to eat for dinner. I was lying pathetically on the sofa all afternoon watching Gossip Girl and trying to figure out what I could eat. After much pinterest browsing I was craving eggs and polenta. Since I eat polenta all the time I decided to mix it up a bit and add some tomatoes and harissa instead of making it with milk the way I usually do.

You will love this polenta. With a bit of cream and cheddar cheese added at the end it was a great way to feel like I’m eating something different while still getting my polenta fix.

Harissa Polenta

Is there anything better than cutting a yolk open? I’m loving the way this has become such a ‘thing’ on the internet.

So now I’ve returned to my position on the sofa, trying to work out how to eat mini eggs without causing myself any further mouth injury, and hoping that tomorrow I’ll be able to eat whatever I want again. For Valentine’s Day Will and I decided that the only thing we wanted to do was eat nice food (what else is new) so we’re going to have an extra special brunch. Then we’re headed out for dinner for Will’s mum’s birthday. I’m gonna be so sad if I can’t enjoy all the eating I have planned for tomorrow!

Do you have any plans for Valentine’s Day? I’ve never really thought of it as a big thing but I guess getting presents and cards can’t be a bad thing. Will and I have decided we’re going to wait until we have more money to buy nice things for each other!

Anyway, let me know if you enjoy this harissa polenta creation, I think it’s pretty great. x


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